Study Plan ReDo

Hello. I had established a study plan yesterday establishing that I would study every day. Today I went in and changed it to weekdays only just to see how it would change my work load. when I changed it back, it made it look as if I needed to do tomorrow’s studying today. How do I change it back to reflect that I completed today’s tasks?

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Hi @Leona_Konopelski, thanks for reaching out! Any chapter you’ve completed by taking the quiz at the end should still be completed in the study plan. We’re always making minor improvements to the course materials, and sometimes that means there might be a new chapter similar to one you’ve seen, but if it’s incomplete, then it isn’t the same and we recommend you go through it to be sure.

So, just go to the next chapter even if it seems familiar, skim it to be sure you learned everything, and take the quiz!