SIE - Virtual Environment

Hey test-takers!

I figured I’d create a post as I have 10 days left until my SIE. I wanted to ask in regards to the virtual environment and rules - I have a couple of places I can take the test but the only place in my house would be where my desktop computer sits, however there are monitors in the background (not turned on & no computer, just monitors). Would this be an okay environment to take the test in? I’m able to close the room, blind the windows and all of that, but FINRA urges a room with no other electronic devices - Would this suffice?

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Hi @Anthonyb880! It would be best to check with Prometric (FINRA’s exam proctoring partner) about this - you should be able to call them and ask about their rules.

Unfortunately, I suspect that would probably not be ok with them. They are extremely strict about preventing any possibility of cheating, and they want your testing room to be as clean as possible.

They will probably ask you to move the monitors to another room, completely out of sight.