SIE Upcoming Exam

I really wish I had came across Achievable months ago. I had utilized the Kaplan textbook only to realize I still felt like it was information overload, dry and not sticking. Started to use some YouTube videos to assist in my deeper understanding of the material and came across one video that was doing the practice exam. I immediately saw in the top left corner Achievable and decided to see what this educational outlet was all about. I found myself a very much needed breath of fresh air on the material. It is very relatable with great examples to current and recent events which I love. It has hyperlinks for those like myself that likes to go deeper down the rabbit hole. There is a community forum of test takers that is really engaging and necessary for those that are taking the self-study route. And there are some videos intertwined with the study material. The videos I will add should be included in a lot more of the material for those that are visual learners. One area I think could increase a bit more.
As my exam approaches on Wednesday, February 23 I am nervous but I feel way more confident with the material from Achievable than the textbook from Kaplan. Once I pass the SIE I will immediately be jumping into the Series 66 and then my Series 7. Thank you for providing a strong foundation of learning this material. It will now be my go-to for all securities licensing.


Hi @MrErikForman, thanks for posting your thoughts!

I’m glad that you found our videos helpful; we’re definitely going to continue making more of them!

I’m sure you’ll do well on your SIE - just make sure to take the official FINRA practice SIE exam to get a sense for their wording!

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Definitely will! Taken them a few times over the past few months. Plan to be running those exams all day tomorrow and Tuesday.

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They mean take the OFFICIAL practice exam on the FINRA site, there is only one. The wording is very similar to the real test. Good Luck!!!

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