SIE tips and review on breezing through exam

just passed my SIE and went through the test feeling extremely confident, with a few questions I was iffy about- however because of the the 10 question experimental portion I knew I would be in good shape. Achievable was the driving factor in helping me breeze through this exam.

Try to reach at least 90% achievable readiness score before taking the exam- you would have seen material on different topics at this point to go in with confidence.

Take a multitude of practice exams. The more questions you have under your belt, the better.

Go through weak points through your practice exams and hammer those home when your test date is getting closer.

Have fun with it! I know it sounds crazy but achievable teaches in a way where Iā€™m excited to learn new things


Hi @Roy_Streich, congrats on passing your SIE, and thanks for sharing your tips with the community!

Hope to see you back to Achievable for future FINRA/NASAA exams~ :smile:

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thank you for sharing!!

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