SIE test am I ready yet?

I’m currently studying for the SIE. My Readiness says it’s at 87%. I’ve taken about 17 practice exams and score around the mid 70s to 80s. Should I schedule the exam or what should I do?

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Hi @AyeYoJim, that’s an impressive number of practice tests!

However, I looked at your account, and I suspect you aren’t improving because you aren’t reviewing your mistakes and guesses. Taking the practice exams is an excellent way to identify weak areas and gaps in your knowledge, but you’ll continue to repeat the same mistakes without careful review. You should spend an hour or two reviewing the questions and revisiting the textbook if necessary.

I also noticed that you’ve been going through the exams exceptionally fast, often in less than half the time - slow down to ensure you fully understand the question.

It also looks like you stopped reading the textbook once you got to section 9.3. I strongly recommend you read every chapter at least once!

You’re in a good place. Do not schedule your exam until you have finished reading the textbook. Focus on getting your readiness score up in the 90s. Avoid memorizing questions and answers - you need to retain the information. The real exam will have vastly different questions/phrasing. Re-read the chapters where there is material you are struggling to understand.

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Hey @Justin I sat for the SIE on Saturday! Boom Passed! Achievable is great.

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@AyeYoJim nice work, congrats on passing your SIE!