SIE scheduled friday


I have my SIE scheduled online for friday. I am currently at 55% in exam readiness. I still haven’t taken some of the practice/chapter exams but will be going hard starting from tomorrow. What do you think of my performance in my exam statistics and should i go ahead and take it or postpone?

Also, after booking my exam to take it online, should i do anything else? Do i need to get the room i will take my exam in approved or anything like that? Read about something like that somewhere but I am unsure as to whether i will have the room checked prior to taking the exam (on the same day) or whether i have to do it before.

Thank you very much!

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Hi, I’ve reviewed your account, and it feels like you need more studying before you’re ready to take the exam. At a minimum, I’d recommend that you finish reading through all the textbook materials, take their associated quizzes, and take some full-length practice. If you can postpone your exam, I suggest waiting until you consistently pass full practice exams in the mid-80s to have the highest chance of passing.

If you’re taking the exam online, you should carefully read the instructions to ensure your space meets their criteria. You’ll probably just need to tidy up your room a bit, and it’s good to be ready half an hour before your exam to allow time for the check-in process, but you should be fine.

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