SIE reading material compared to 66 material

Most of the reading material on the 66 looks similar to the SIE except for the law portion. Is most of the reading material on the SIE the same to the 66 excluding the law portion?

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Hi @Jamie_Vandervort, thanks for reaching out.

It’s a good idea to read through the course in its entirety since although it covers many of the same topics as the SIE, the focus is shifted, and there is new/different information on those same topics.

If you feel like you already know a topic well, you can skim that page and jump into the quiz, but do many sure to review anything you haven’t mastered.

We’ve made a high-level comparison chart of the topics covered on the primary FINRA/NASAA exams. As you can see, there is a huge topical overlap between nearly all the exams and topics - but the devil is in the details.