SIE - Read Textbook or No?

Consider the Study Plan that Achievable creates for you. Take, for example, Chapter 1 of the SIE: estimated reading time is 86 minutes. In that same amount of time, I could generate 60 questions worth of practice problems to go through (or maybe more, if I’m quick).

Is this approach ill-advised: to go straight to the “Chapter # exams” and just keep repeating them as necessary without reading the textbook? Narcolepsy makes reading through long amount of texts far too tiresome to keep me awake and engaged.

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We strongly recommend you read the material and take practice exams!

While it is possible to pass solely by taking quizzes and practice exams, it’s a risky strategy. The actual exam only asks ~75 questions from a pool of thousands. You’d need to take 50+ exams to go through our entire question bank. Even still, reading the material will give you additional context and a more thorough mastery of the material.

We’re here to support you however you want to study, and that’s ultimately up to you.

That said, if you’re asking us what we recommend… follow the study plan!