SIE Program Reset Progress

Hello! Happy Holidays
I would like to reset on my SIE progress. Just returned home from school and haven’t really had a chance with school to sit down and study I know a good amount of info but I think it wouldn’t hurt to reread the book, I need to lock in and would like to pass the SIE in the next month.


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Sure thing, I’ve just reset your account!

@Justin Just wondering if you can reset my SIE course !

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Hi @Insufficient_azure_w, happy to help - I’ve just reset your course.

i also have another question justin! How can i reset the study plan! so i can track the task i have to do on a daily process

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Hi @Insufficient_azure_w, you can reset or change the study plan by clicking on the arrow icons in the top right of that box. When you select a new date (or reselect the same date), it will reallocate the daily tasks to fit whatever time you have.

Hey Justin It doesn;t show a box with an arrow! on my screen its just showing a share with us screen! and saying to share this to my social!

For example this is what it says.

"Thank you for your feedback, and congrats again!

Achievable is a small business and recommendations make a huge impact for us. If our course was helpful, it would mean a lot if you could share us with your coworkers and friends."


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Hi @Insufficient_azure_w, I’ve just reset this for you too - you should be all set now!

Thank you so much , Such a life savior!

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