SIE Prep-Errors

Hi Achievable Team,
Thanks for providing this valuable study resource for the SIE exam. I am currently changing careers (effect of the pandemic) and have been preparing for the SIE and have enjoyed the Achievable study process and method. I am taking the SIE on July 17th and will look forward to hopefully using Achievable when I am able to get a firm to sponsor me to take a top off exam!
Here are some errors on the site that I have noticed during reviews for the exam:
Review Question G7HMD-BY7QF—check 2nd half terminology (“sell” 975 is incorrect-question states customer is buying)
Review Question G7HMD-MV2QF—check 2nd half terminology (“sell” all 300-question states customer is buying-same as previous)
Review Question G7HMD-B6KKF—Again, customer is placing “buy”, 2nd half of question refers to “sell”
Review Question W2RDM-DWCWV—spelling mistake in one of the answer choices “trasnaction” instead of “transaction”
Review Question MJX42-CBKB4—Improper wording of question for answers given (asking for “differences” when “both” is used for multiple answers)
Chapter 15.3.2 “Protecting senior citizens”:
2nd bullet point “insurace” typo instead of “insurance”
Hope these are helpful and thanks again.

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Hey Constantine,

I’m really happy to hear that Achievable has been helpful and a good fit for you for the SIE!

Thanks for reaching out with these typos in the content. We do a substantial amount of QA, but we’re also constantly adding/updating material so it’s a bit of an uphill battle :sweat_smile: In any case, I’ll go make these corrections right now.

If you see anything else that feels out of place or have any other feedback, please let me know.


p.s. An extra thanks for including the question codes and chapter numbers! Having these makes it much easier for me to look up the content and make any edits.

Hello! I’m brand new here; just started yesterday and also making a career change. Love this SIE prep style of learning!
I’m suggesting a little revision to the choice of words in a review question / answer selections for RR9RQ-Q3VBQ. Two of the answer choices are “common stock” and “preferred stock”; I think they should say “common stockholder” and “preferred stockholder” because these refer to the parties being paid…you wouldn’t pay the ‘stock’ itself. Yes? I hope I put this contribution in the right place? :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks for reaching out and glad you’ve loving Achievable!

This is a great place to send feedback like this, though it’s ideal if you can create a separate thread since it’ll notify the other folks who previously posted in this one. I appreciate the contribution - I’ve updated that question to say “common shareholders” and “preferred shareholders”.

If there’s anything else that could be reworded for clarity, please let me know!

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