SIE Help ( failed the first 2 times)

In the past I was using Kaplan because my employer paid for it. I have taken the test twice and failed both times. The most recent was on 7/8 and I got a 68%. Does anyone have any advice on what I could do differently with studying. I plan on starting from scratch with Achievable and crossing my fingers I have a better outcome. I am just a little frustrated at this point. Thanks in advance!


I’m sorry to hear that - but at least you’re close, and we should be able to get you over the line!

If you have time, going through our course from start to finish should do the trick. Alternatively, since you are close, you could start by taking a practice exam or two to get a detailed breakdown of your weaker areas, and then specifically focus on those.

Ultimately, the best path forward is simply more studying!