SIE formulas to memorize

I plan to take the SIE in the next couple weeks and I’m wondering which formulas to memorize. Any suggestions from those who have taken it previously?

There are only 5 listed on the dump sheet and 4 have to do with mutual funds. While I was going through the Achievable material, I tried to figure out the formulas myself before looking at them to make sure I understood the concepts. But realistically I know it will be a lot more difficult to come up with formulas under the pressure of the exam itself, so I’m hoping to memorize a few. I have 20+ written down from the Achievable materials that aren’t on the dump sheet and I’m not sure where to focus.

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Hi, the dump sheet is a great place to start! Most people report that they don’t see much math on the exams, but some people do see a significant amount, so it’s still important to learn.

In general, we recommend you focus on understanding the core concepts behind the formulas rather than simply memorizing the formulas themselves!