SIE EXAM tomorrow!

My company scheduled my SIE exam for tomorrow, ready or not. I have to take it. I have scored in the 70’s multiple times. What areas are highly testable on SIE and should I focus on in these last 24 hours? Any tips from people who have taken it

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Hi @Clyde_Harris, I’ve checked your account and my advice is to just review the practice exams that you’re already taken. You’ve done a significant number of them, and aren’t seeing much improvement in the scores - often that means that more review will be helpful. Remember that the goal of practice exams is to identify weak areas, so that you can study those in more detail and get them correct next time. Also, our exams are weighted similarly to the real exam, so the topics you see most often there are the most likely to show up on your actual exam.

Aside from that, I want to emphasize that it is extremely important to get a good night’s sleep and to go into your exam rested and calm! Study hard today and do whatever you can to prep for tomorrow (set out your clothes, keys, plan what you’ll do for breakfast, etc.) so you’ll have a smooth start to the day. And then go to sleep so you’ll have that extra energy to help you figure out any tricky questions.

Good luck!

@Justin I passed!! On the first try!! Thanks for all your tips and your program! I take the series 6 next do you recommend that through you guys? My company uses AD Banker but I purchased this on the side :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

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@Clyde_Harris, congrats on passing your SIE - I’m so glad to hear that!

If our SIE course was helpful, you’ll love our S6 too; of course we recommend it :wink:

Here’s a link to get started!