SIE Dumpsheet and Exam Practice

I am taking my SIE this coming Monday. I am wondering what topics you have found most helpful to put on your dump sheet for the exam. Also on the practice exams, are the questions allocated similarly to the amount of times we will see that topic’s question on the exam. Hope that makes sense.Thanks.

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Hi @jcal, have you taken a look at the dump sheets on our SIE resources page? They contain the material we feel is the most helpful.

We do weight our exams similarly to the actual FINRA ones. That said, there are thousands of testable learning objectives and only 75 graded questions, so you might get any mix!

Hey @Justin. Yeah I have utlized the one you provided and it has helped alot. My last pratice exam I got a 87 so I am feeling more confident. Any tips for studying the last few days leading up to the exam or just keep taking and reviewing practice exams?

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Hey @jcal, I looked at your account and it seems like you’re on the right track! My main advice is to spend more time carefully reviewing your exams. Taking them is important, but it’s the focused review time that will help you fill in the gaps in your knowledge and improve your scores next time.

@Justin Just passed the SIE this morning, Achieveable’s pratice exams were similar in diffculty and wording so I felt confident on most every question. After reading the text book fully and doing around 10 exams, I felt prepared. Now its time to purchase the Series 7 program!


Congrats on passing your SIE @jcal!

Thanks for the feedback - I’m glad our SIE course prepared you well! I hope you’ll enjoy our Series 7 course too :smile: