SIE Advice for missing by 2%

Hello guys, I took the SIE and missed it by 2% going to retake and pass it in 30 days.

I scored Borderline Performance on Understanding Products and their Risks and Understanding Trading, Customer Accounts and Prohibited Activites. Low performance on Overview of Regulations and Very low on capital markets.

I used Achievable textbook. I have a question regarding what you would recommend me do to pass the next time? My course access on another vendor is ending this week but was planning on taking the FINRA practice exam and practice exams online. Also, does Achievable offer a deal with just the test bank or the practice finals, for someone that is retaking SIE in 30 days? I already have your book. Thanks!

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Hi @Kaila, sorry to hear about your near miss, but the good news is you’re so close and it’s very likely you’ll pass on your next try :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the category breakdowns FINRA gives you are very broad and not particularly helpful to improve your score.

My advice is to take our practice exams, which give you a much more detailed score breakdown that you can use to review. E.g., you might see that you know municipal securities well but are having a tough time with options. Armed with that knowledge, you can read the specific textbook pages and take chapter review quizzes for just those sections to get the most from your study time!

I looked up your account linked to this username, although it doesn’t look like you’ve bought our course. You’re able to read pages of the textbook and take some quizzes for free, but to access everything, you do need to buy the whole course.

We sell everything as a complete package for $74: full access to the online textbook, 1,500+ chapter review quizzes, and 25+ practice exams. Here’s the direct link to get Achievable SIE.

Hope this helps!

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