Sie achievable scores

I feel like I keep getting a 64 percent on the Achievable SIE exams and cannot get any higher!! I am also getting 76-78% on AD Banker. Should I be worried about passing the real deal? How similar is the real SIE exam? What scores were you getting on Achievables SIE if you passed or failed

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Hi @Clyde_Harris, welcome! You’re getting there - no need to panic. But yes, I would say that you aren’t quite ready yet and need some additional studying to feel confident. Our practice exams are similar to the real one, so if you aren’t passing ours, you still have some work to do.

I’ve reviewed your account and have two suggestions.

Most importantly, review your practice exams after you’ve taken them! It’s great that you’ve taken many practice exams, but without carefully reviewing everything you’ve missed or guessed on, you’re likely to continue making the same mistakes. After taking an exam, give yourself a short break, and then spend another hour or two carefully going through every question you weren’t certain of to ensure you master those concepts.

Additionally, I can see that you haven’t gone through all of our reading material and chapter quizzes. It sounds like you’re using us alongside AD Banker, so maybe that explains it, but I would recommend that you read through the entirety of our material too if you don’t have a complete understanding yet.

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