Share button not working - & how do share a question from quizzes?

I’m in the Convertible Bonds area and I’m trying to share the question with you to ask something about it, but the Share button does nothing when I click it. Not sure how to workaround other than the screenshot attached. The question is: Where did you pull the $10 figure from?

Also, of course, what’s up with the Share button? :grin:

And there doesn’t seem to be a way to share an exam question to ask about it. Am I wrong? I’d love to be wrong.

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You can convert the $900 bond at a conversion ratio of 10:1, getting 10 shares from each bond, so the conversion price per share is $900/10 = $90.

Looks like you figured it out based on your other post - clicking on the textbook share icon or the question ID will copy a shareable URL to your clipboard that you can then paste!