Series vs Serial Bonds

Got any tricks for remembering the difference between these two?

Maybe serial has an A so that means serials are issued on the sAme day - and mature on different days??

I think I’ve answered my question. :joy:


I like it, @rfj5002! Maybe that will stick?

I once had a colleague at work that had 5 kids. He used to say he would give each of his kids a bowl of cereal (serial) at the same time. However, they all finished their cereal at different times. Hopefully you get the analogy - serial issuances involve all bonds being initially offered that the same time, but maturing at different times in the future.

I haven’t figured one out for series, though. I tried to see if I could come up with a baseball analogy (the World Series)… but couldn’t find anything that matched a bond offering starting at different times, but maturing all at once. I feel like there’s something there, though…


I like the cereal analogy! I appreciate your responsiveness to this forum. I can tell you guys are passionate about what you do. I am grateful I decided to give Achievable a shot!!!


We’re glad you’re using Achievable, too! @Justin and I watch over this forum every day and are always happy to help. Stay in touch and good luck with your studies!


I think that works.

There are many games that start at different times in the “series”, however it all ends at the same in the Series Final.


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Love it! Great word play!

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I like to think of it like this.

Series - A popular TV Series has multiple seasons (many issues), and eventually one reunion (one maturity).

Hope this helps!

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I think about it like “cereal”… I buy a box of cereal at the grocery store on one day (i.e. same day) and then I eat from that box of cereal over the next few days (i.e. the cereal matures at different days)

Now, replace “cereal” with “serial” and you’ve got it!

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