Series 7 using achievable

Hello, I am having a hard time finding success stories of people passing the series 7 using the achievable prep. Is there anyone that passed series 7 using only achievable?

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Hi Qais, thanks for reaching out.

Yes, we have had a significant amount of folks pass the Series 7 using only Achievable’s prep.

Some quick history: Achievable has been in business for about four years. We started as training consultants to broker-dealers teaching the original Series 7. With the SIE split two years ago, we’ve been focusing on direct-to-consumer rather than training for firms, and launched our SIE course shortly after that. In contrast, we launched our Series 7 course just a few months ago, so most of what you see here is about the SIE. Even in this short window, we have had many people pass it. (We also have substantially far more people using our SIE and S7 prep than are active on these quiet forums.)

I can’t provide exact usage numbers for competitive reasons. However, I can say that our SIE pass rate is 99%+ with a 99% confidence interval, and while we’re still gathering data for a full statistical analysis, our Series 7 pass rate is also in the very high 90s.



then where do i find your study materials for this exam?

Hey @Denver303,

You can take a look at our marketing site for the Series 7 to get an overview of the course features. If you want to jump straight into the content and see what a sample chapter looks like, you can read through our section on common stock for free. Our full Achievable Series 7 course is currently $149.