Series 7 Study Plan?

Hello. I was just wondering what a good study plan is for the Series 7?

Also is it possible to pass the Series 7 Exam in a month?

Thank you

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Hi! Study time for the Series 7 varies greatly depending on the person, so it’s hard to give a good estimate for it. For reference, Kaplan recommends 80-100 hours of study time if you have a background in finance, and 150 hours if you don’t. Our content and adaptive learning platform make it so that you get the most from your studying, so our course ends up being around twice as fast.

On average, people pass their Series 7 with Achievable spending 40-60 hours total over 4-8 weeks.

So, it’s definitely possible to pass the exam in a month if you spend 2-3 hours studying each day!

Also for the study plan - we have a widget on the site where you can select a target exam date, and then it’ll break down the content day by day for you to stay on track!