Series 7 Preparation


I’ve locked in an exam date for August 2nd. I wanted to see if someone can take a look at my account and provide some helpful tips to make sure I’m optimizing the course material before my exam date. I’m scoring a lot better on the practice exams and taking time to review the questions after each exam. Just hoping to get a second set of eyes so that I’m using my time wisely. Thanks so much!


Hi @Terri_Muller, I looked at your account and have some suggestions. You are going through some of your exams and quizzes quickly, which can hurt your understanding of the concepts and process. I also suggest taking more exams in the areas you are doing poorly in to practice those areas. Additionally, it is crucial that you spend time reviewing your exams to see what areas you did not do well in and what areas need to be improved. Otherwise, keep working hard, and you got this!

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Thanks Brenden!

I love the feedback. How would you suggest I filter what areas I’m performing well in or not. Recently, I’ve been using the quiz summary results on the summary page but the performance results change depending on how far back I go.

What would you suggest I use as a benchmark of how well I’m performing in certain areas going forward? Thanks a bunch!


Hey, I would suggest looking at the results of your quizzes/exams, re-reading the textbook for those areas, and taking more exams. For example, while looking at your data, I see that common stock, municipal debt, alternative pooled investments, primary market, and rules and ethics could be improved. I would start with those! If you look at your scores, you should be able to determine which area needs the most immediate help. Thank you!