Series 7 - Passed yesterday

I thought I was really ready for the exam - got 80 t0 90 percent on the practice exams, memorized my dump sheet, etc. Ha! It was so much harder than I envisioned. Whereas I always had 60 to 90 mins of time left on the practice exams, I had 9 mins at the end to go back to the flagged items, and I didn’t take any breaks. The questions were so convoluted. I was actually surprised I passed, but I’m sure glad i did. My advice is to be very aware of time.

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Congrats on passing your Series 7!

Great advice on being aware of the time - the stress of exam day and needing to be careful about the question wording usually does stretch it all the way to the end.

Please reach out if there’s anything we can do for you in the future!

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Thank you for your response. I’ll be starting the 63 in a few days. I’m very thankful for Achievable. Any chance you’ll be adding the 79? I’m so spoiled.

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We plan to create a course for the S79 someday, but it isn’t on our short-term roadmap! I’d recommend you check our STC or Knopman for the 79~