Series 7--I PASSED

Thanks to Achievable, I passed the 7 on my first try and I only studied for a month! Outstanding Test Prep materials!!

The actual exam was pretty hard as the extra 10 questions throw you off your game. I also noticed that the practice exams started off easy, got progressively harder in the middle, then eased up again. The actual exam was totally random. In any event, Achievable got me ready for everything.

I only wish that FINRA would give you your score after you pass. I would love to see how I did in relation to my practice exams.

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Congrats on passing your Series 7 - I’m glad Achievable could be helpful!

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Hi Leona

First, congrats on passing your exam!!! I am taking mine on Monday 9/18…I have one quick question for you, were the practice exams questions on Achievable similar to the questions on the actual exam?? Did you have any questions on your practice exam that were actually on the test???

Thanks in advance!

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