Series 7 formulas

Hello, What formlas do you actually need to know for the series 7? Also to anyone who has taken it in the past, what is the best advice? I need to pass this in one try

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Hi @Clinton_Crist, all the material in our course is testable! Most people study around 75 hours total - it isn’t the kind of thing where there are just a few formulas to memorize.

Our Series 7 dump sheets are an excellent reference for some of the most commonly tested information!

If you’d like the best chance at passing, just follow the instructions of the Achievable system! Set a target exam date, follow the study plan with the reading and quizzes, take plenty of full-length exams, and go into your actual exam rested with a clear mind.

Understand the material. Exam was much more conceptual than a case of memorizing formulas. You need to know how it all works more broadly and you can then work things out even if you don’t immediately “know” the answer. Dump sheets are enough I found, main thing is are you actually understanding the chapters? I understood almost all of it well enough going into exam but didn’t get a practice score in the passing range. I couldn’t focus for that long outside of real thing.

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