Series 7 Course Question

I have the Achievable SIE Course, and it helped me pass the test on my first try. Is the achievable series 7 course the same textbook, or is it different? When i look at the chapters, it looks like the same as the SIE

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Hi @Faint_plum_toad - congrats on your SIE success!

There is a lot of overlap between the SIE and Series 7, but the Series 7 tends to go much further in depth. While the structure of the programs look similar, you’ll find additional detail in the overlapping topics, more difficulty worded questions, and a bunch of new topics that were not covered on the SIE.

One of the biggest shifts is suitability. The SIE required you to understand products and their risks, while the Series 7 requires you understand how and when to recommend those products. Additionally, these heavily specific topics include much more testable information:

  • Municipal securities
  • Options
  • Investment companies
  • Analysis of securities

Good luck with your Series 7 studies!

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