Series 7 - Check!

Justin, Brandon, and Achievable team,

Thank you for your content, thank you for the forum in which you actively engage, thank you for everything! I passed my S7TO today!

On to the 66 :smile:

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one question - any chance there will be content for the 9/10 in Achievable’s future?

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Hi @Amber_Hegmann, congrats on passing your S7 - we’re looking forward to helping you pass your S66 too!

We’re putting the finishing touches on a Series 9 course, so check back once you’re ready!

We plan to make a course for the S10 too, but it isn’t on our short-term roadmap yet.


Hi @Justin ! I am taking the 66 on the 12th - I feel pretty confident so far.

In the spirit of confidence, I would like to prepare to pass and jump straight into the 9/10. I volunteer as tribute if you need anyone to test it out :slight_smile: I am ordering alternate material but I love Achievable very much.

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Hi @Amber_Hegmann, thanks for the note!

Our Series 9 course is ready - we just haven’t had a chance to update the site yet.

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