Series 7 achievable passing rate & hours of study


whats achievables students passing rate on 1st attemp?
also, in average how long do you have to study to pass using achievable prep course?

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Hi @Valentin, thanks for posting!

The first-time pass rate for Achievable Series 7 is 97%.

FINRA doesn’t report scores back to test prep providers, so like all other vendors, we estimate pass rates based on a combination of self-reported scores and data from our corporate partners. Using mathematical models we’ve calculated a pass rate range with 99% statistical confidence: our true first-time pass rate is at least 94.05% or higher, with 97.02% being our most accurate estimate.

Study time for the Series 7 varies greatly depending on the person, so it’s hard to give a good estimate for it. For reference, Kaplan recommends 80-100 hours of study time if you have a background in finance, and 150 hours if you don’t. Our content and adaptive learning platform make it so that you get the most from your studying, so our course ends up being around twice as fast while keeping that great pass rate.

Most of the people studying for the Series 7 with Achievable spend 40-60 hours over 4-8 weeks.

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