Series 66 Review Questions


I am new to achievable, but I am loving the experience so far. I wanted to be sure I was using it correctly I have been completing my daily tasks and then at the end I complete the review questions until it says zero (I am doing 10 question quizzes…should I up the #) Also what’s the difference in drill mode.

Also, whenever I don’t make at least a 75-80 on a chapter quiz … I retake it and I have been noticing repeat questions…should I be concerned.

Just want to be sure I am using the system in the way it is intended to be used.


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Hi, it sounds like you’re going about it as we recommend! Just note that as you study more, keeping your review questions at zero will become nearly impossible. Study them in your free time, but make sure you prioritize moving through the new content according to your study plan.

Selecting the randomize option will ignore the personalization and give you a random selection of questions.

Selecting the drill option allows you to see questions multiple times in a session, as it will add repeated questions up to the maximum session size. It’s often used with our math-based questions since you’ll be able to see the same question template repeatedly but with randomized variables each time. This is helpful if you’ve set a filter and want to focus on a specific concept.

We have about 4,500 questions for our S66 total (2-3x more content than other vendors), but seeing some repeat questions is expected! Nothing to be concerned about unless you get them wrong the second time :wink: