Series 66 PDF Shorter

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I understand there is a PDF copy of the series 66 through achievable, which I have downloaded already. I was wondering if there was a shorter version of this PDF? I noticed the PDF is an exact copy of what is shown online minus the videos but there is a big empty space in the middle of page where the video would be if I was reading the manual online which results in over a thousand pages. I wanted to print out the PDF through staples or office depot to have a physical copy but due to the amount of pages printing the PDF would cost more than the course.

I was just wondering if there was a condensed version of the PDF without the empty gaps where the videos are placed.

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Hi @aybarjx, you’re correct - the PDF is essentially just a screen capture of the website. We’ve designed Achievable as an interactive online course: quizzes after every page, supplementary explainer videos scattered throughout, and personalized feedback based on your progress. We recommend you study online as much as possible; the more you interact with the course, the more effective it will be.

We understand some people prefer having physical materials or want to study at times without internet access, so we have the PDF to help with this. However, we don’t have a way to make it much shorter. Removing the videos would only reduce it by a few pages, and making the font smaller makes it harder to read but doesn’t decrease the length much. We’re open to suggestions, as we haven’t found a way to address this yet.

Rather than printing the entire textbook content, my suggestion would be only to print a few specific sections that are the most important for you.

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Good morning @Justin Thank you for your response. My experience using Achievable for the first time has been great. Thank you for addressing my concerns. I was just asking a question I figured many others in the course probably thought to themselves. I will continue to use the online interactive version as I have found it to be very helpful better than Kaplan which is what I used for my SIE.

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