Series 66 failed by 2 points

After months of preparation, I finally took the Series 66 test this morning and I failed by 2 points which it was so disappointing :frowning_face: :frowning_face:. The wording and length of the questions that I encountered on the actual test were so confusing that in some cases all the options seemed to be the right answer leading me to guess and hoped for the best (which obviously didn’t work for me)

I’m retaking the test in 30 days, so I would like to ask you guys for tips on how to prepare this time. Any advice is very welcome

Thank you

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Hi @Clara,

I’m sorry the exam didn’t go your way. You obviously put a bunch of effort into your preparations given your months-long study process. Exam wording is a common challenge almost everyone encounters. NASAA guards their question bank like Fort Knox (going so far to punish and sometimes ban registered persons from the industry for sharing actual test questions) and their test writers continually update their question bank to reflect a very difficult exam.

That’s why it’s so important to go into the exam with confidence regarding the test concepts and not the specific questions in the Achievable test bank. While our practice exams are meant to mimic the real test, I would fully expect to see confusing language, questions worded differently than you’ve seen on our platform, and the content discussed in a bizarre manner. Not saying you necessarily fell into this trap, but memorizing answers to questions on their learning platform is a common pitfall many test takers fall into. Even if this wasn’t specifically your challenge, I recommend going into your retake consciously expecting the difficult wording again.

Here’s what I recommend you do to prepare for your retake:

  • Take some time and write down the challenging concepts from the actual exam
    • It’s easy to forget your challenges a few days after the exam
    • While you won’t see the same questions on your retake, it’s quite possible you see other questions on the same concepts
  • Consider re-reading our material
    • Especially focus on the units you scored low in (e.g. Laws & regulations, Investment Vehicles)
    • Spend quality time in the sections you felt challenged by on the actual exam
    • Take notes and create flashcards on important topics
    • Consistently review your notes and flashcards
  • Keep up on your reviews
    • Our smart learning system will continue to track your learning progress and introduce material to you when you’re likely forgetting it
  • Continue to take and thoroughly review practice exams
    • Your goal should be to attain scores in the 80s consistently
    • Aim to take and review at least 10 prior to your retake, if not more
  • Utilize some of the following free resources:

You were only 2 questions away from passing, so you’re not far. Hang in there! With the review of our material, extra practice exams, and the added resources I suggested, I’m confident your retake will be successful.

Best of luck to you!


I started writing down what I could remember right away and looking back at my notes today I found answers I got wrong. :face_exhaling:

I agree 100% regarding the bizarre way they put these questions together, but I guess you just have to read very carefully and find the hidden real question in between.

I’ll follow your advice and I’m going back and read consciously the areas I need to reinforce my knowledge without memorizing answers and watch the tutorials on YouTube

One thing for sure is that I’m not giving up :muscle:

Thanks Brandon


Hi Clara,

I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I am just a few days away from my exam date and I was wondering if you have any tips you could share. I have taken I have taken 6 full practice exams with an average score of 83% (lowest 77%. highest 88%), but I still don’t feel confident.

I wish you all the best and I hope that in 30 days this will become a distant memory!

Kind regards,

Bianka Peneva


Hi Bianca,
This might sound crazy but I took a LOT of practice tests (I started preparing for this test 6 months ago) started getting low 60s and 70s. At the end, my average score before test day was 88%.

Since you’re close to test day, I would suggest completing more finals, check your mistakes and instead of just reading the explanation, go back to the section in the textbook and read the concept and if possible, take individual practice test focused on that area and then go back to complete another final.

Hope it helps.:slight_smile:

Good luck with your test :muscle:

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Thanks Clara! I will do my best to stay focused in the next few days.

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I was one point away. I did everything you mentioned above and even listened to You-tube on Dean’s stuff. I also have STC along with achievable and The questions are sure confusing. I don’t know if you heard a quote saying, “It needs to be in your blood”. I encountered lots of judgment calls. For example, so-and-so has such scenario, what would you do or if the activities are legal. Oh, well… there are probably 10 questions are basic straightforward concept and definition questions. I don’t have a lot of investment placement questions which I somehow expected there would be more. I have maybe a few opening account questions which I also expected more. Anyway, I had majority of the exam in practical real life questions that I expected maybe just a few, and these questions somehow overlap several areas of the exam guideline. Honestly, you don’t see enough in real life or make those transactions often, it’s difficult to make the choice of the answers. I agree with Brandon that I will have to soak in the information. Maybe rest assure the night before, fully hydrated and not stress about pass/fail. I reschedule mine in Oct to just ensure I have enough time to go over more questions. That’s my take on 66.


Hi A11,
I got a lot of social media, annuities portfolio, investment planning and compliance questions with scenarios that all 4 answers looked prohibited… All I can say it was very stressful.

I’m back to the books reading and taking notes on the areas I need to reinforce my knowledge with the help on some videos from Capital Advantage tutoring (Ken has good videos on youtube) working with Achievable and Past Perfect material while waiting for my window to open and retake the test.

thank you for sharing your experience and the advice.

Good luck in your test, I’m pretty sure you will pass :muscle: :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Clara,

Thanks again for sharing your experience. I did pas the exam today and I can attest that 50% percent of the questions seemed to have two very similar answers. I did notice that the wording is intentionally confusing, so taking your time with each question is essential. After speaking with a few coworkers, I realized that not a lot of people are aware that they can request extra time, if English is their second language. I was not born in the US, so I aways request it. For the 66, I had an extra 60 minutes, which allowed me to review all of the questions. This needs to be requested prior to scheduling the exam. Interesting fact, I have never been asked for proof. Best of luck and I am sure you will get it on the second try.

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Congratulations Sure_amber_deer!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the heads up about the extra time. It is definitely something to consider :+1:

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