Series 66 #fail

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to reach out to see if you guys have any suggestions after failing the series 66 now twice… with both score being 64%.
I retake the exam for third time in 2 weeks. I have been getting 80% or higher on achievable exams, and the actual exam looked nothing like it! Im also using kaplan Q bank… any suggestions? Would appreciate it. Thanks

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Hi, I reviewed your account, and improving a few study habits will have a significant impact:

  • Go much slower and thoughtfully through the exams. You’re flying through the exams in less than half of the time! This is an exam where the wording matters, and it’s easy to make careless mistakes. Take your time to read the prompt and choices carefully, think about the goal of the question from the perspective of the question author, make your choice, and then reread the question again to check if things still make sense. Even if you feel you can jump straight to a choice, go through the process every time to ensure you aren’t missing or misreading key information.

  • Review your practice exams. It’s great that you’ve taken those practice exams, but you didn’t review most of them at all! If you don’t review your past exams, you’re likely to keep making the same mistakes. The goal of practice exams isn’t to finish them, but to use them as a learning tool to guide your studies and address your weaker areas. You should set aside a few hours after every exam to go carefully through question-by-question and review everything you’ve missed or guessed.

I suggest that you start by reviewing your past exams one by one, maybe for two hours each day. After you’ve gone through all of them, I’d suggest using the “Focus” button to take the questions you’ve missed on those exams again. If you miss any questions on those, make sure to go back and reread those textbook chapters!

After that, if you take a few more practice exam and address the actual exam slowly and thoughtfully, you should be in a good place.