Series 65 practice exam score clarification

Hello, I have been taking a handful of practice exams to prepare for my series 65. On one of them, I received a 71% (92/130). When I finished the exam, the firework animations made it seem like I passed, however, when I go to my practice exam scores history it says 71% - failed. On the NASAA website it says a 92/130 (71%) is a passing score, I just want to confirm that is correct and this is just a coding error. If we need to actually score higher than a 92/130, please let us know.


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Hi @Hilda_Jacobi, thanks for reaching out about this! It sounds like this is an issue with the way we display results when they’re rounded right at the boundary. The passing score is indeed 92/130, which is roughly 71%.

I’ve filed an internal ticket to investigate and fix this. Thanks for letting us know!

Nice work passing your practice exam! Keep at it - ideally you want to be consistently passing with scores in the mid-80s to account for exam day stress and the randomization of questions.

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Thank you for looking into this, Justin! And yes, I will keep pushing for higher scores.

Thank you for everything you do!

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