Series 65 Last attempt


I’m currently working on my last series 65 attempt (failed first attempt by two questions).
I think I failed my first attempt because questions were worded very hard + considerable amount of mathematics.

I utilized the Achievable plan generator and set-up a new study plan for my last attempt (September 25); currently re-reading everything on Achievable + taking “review” quizzes at least 100 questions from Achievable and 40 questions from Kaplan Qbank daily since from the end of the last month. I also have access to Brian Lee’s course but haven’t watched consistently, yet.

Fail or pass, I want my last attempt to be something of “no regrets” since I’m proud either way, that I pulled this far as a person with limited English proficiency.

I’m looking for some study advice around my situation. I scored the lowest on “Economic Factors and Business Information,” and “Client Investment Recommendations and Strategies;”
Got upper 60s from the “Investment Vehicle Characteristic,” upper 70s from Laws.

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Hi Alex, I’ve looked at your account and it seems like you’re doing everything right: carefully reading the chapters and taking their review quizzes. Once you get to practice exams, ensure you’re spending a significant time after each exam to review it, rereading any sections as needed to ensure you master those topics and will get the questions correct next time.

Other than that, the best advice I can give is to think “beyond the question” - after you answer a question, take a moment to think about other situations. How would the answer change if some of the key information in the question changed? Doing this type of thinking exercise will give you a more solid understanding of the question, and help identify areas that you might know halfway but are missing some key details.

Please reach out if there’s anything we can do to support you as you study!

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Thank you Justin,
I shall carry on :slight_smile:

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