Series 65 Help - Any good Classes taught?

Achievable helped me pass the SIE with my first attempt. I was sad to find out that they didn’t have any 65 material available for us to use. I know the guys at Achievable are working on that but I have struggled with the Series 65. I have taken it multiple times and the highest I can get is a 68%.
I know these prep courses offer classes but has anyone taken a class online or in person that they just knew helped them? My problem is understanding the application needed in each question. There’s so much thrown at you that I think my problem is I have a hard time breaking down what they are asking.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Andrew2, congrats on your SIE!

We do have a Series 65 course planned, but probably closer to the middle or end of 2021.

Have you thought about working with a tutor? Sometimes it can be helpful for them to help walk you through the application and understand the problem-solving techniques in more detail, even if you’ve already memorized the core information.

Yes, I am currently in talks with Brandon about some tutoring. Just got to get it to make monetary sense for me, too. Thanks for your help, Justin.

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From my personal experience this is what helps me.

  1. When starting an exam the first 5 or 10 questions will tell you how they are going to ask questions. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t understand what they are talking about. Guess the answer and tag it to return later. Odds are something else in the exam will trigger your memory.

  2. In long questions with lots of information, read the last sentence first then look at the answers. This will tell you what they are looking for from the information above. All these tests do that.

  3. Create the “cheat sheet” things that you need help remembering ie dates formulas and such. Rewrite it every day before doing questions, in the same format same stuff.

  4. Day of exam rewrite cheat sheet before the exam and the first thing you do when you enter the exam is rewrite it on the scratch paper before you answer a question.
    These four tips increased confidence taking exams and made me great at it.


Any updates on the series 65? :slight_smile:

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We’re close! Our goal is to launch our Achievable Series 65 course in mid-January 2022. We’ll probably launch just the textbook first (for half price) and then fill it out with questions over the following month.

Could that work with your timeline? I’d be glad to add you to our notification list for the 65.

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Yes, please do! I’m taking the SIE in a couple of weeks and hope to take the 65 soon after, because I ultimately hope to become a CFP. I’m entering into this sector with no experience or education in finance, but Achievable has been so helpful!!

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