Series 63 Textbook


Could you please email me the series 63 text?


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Sure @Nice_olive_jaguar, I’ve just emailed it to you!

Can you please email me a copy as well of the series 63 textbook?

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Hi @Super_tomato_snipe, once you buy the course I’ll be happy to send you a PDF!

Hello! Could I get a copy of the textbook as well? Easier to find topics/words in a PDF. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Sure thing, I’ve just emailed it to you!

We do have search functionality built into the site! There’s a search box section in the middle of your dashboard.

Hi!Justin. May I have a copy of Series 63 textbook? Thanks a lot

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Sure, I’ve just emailed it to you!

Thanks! By the way. I PASSED SIE and Series 6,too. The material is very logical and reasonable price. Very much appreciated. Justin and Brandon. You are the best.

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