Series 6 help with sections

Can you tell me what sections are associated with the below sections for the series 6

Seeks business for the broker-dealer (24% - 12/50 questions)

Opens accounts after obtaining and evaluating financial profiles and investment objectives (16% - 8/50 questions)

Provides information about investments, makes recommendations, transfer assets, and maintains appropriate records (50% - 25/50 questions)

Obtains and verifies purchase and sale instructions (10% - 5/50 questions)

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The FINRA categories are extremely broad. We’ve carefully reviewed FINRA’s content outlines and our course covers all the topics, but we feel that having our content match that same structure isn’t the most effective way to teach it. We don’t currently maintain a mapping between the FINRA sections and our materials, but we’re open to making one in the future.

To follow up on your comment in the other thread:

lets say I read a chapter on customer communication in STC take the quizzes and pass. then I go on to read the customer communication in achievable and fail your quizzes I now will probably have a good understanding of where my gap lies. (Typically it is the way the questions is asked and I forget to take a step back and look at the big picture)

If you’re looking for a particular topic, the best way is to use the search box on your Achievable dashboard. Here’s an example:

Though I am curious - did STC provide you with a mapping of their content to the FINRA sections? If so, how do you use that to support your studies?

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In short…

STC does offer mapping of their sections. Typically I compare the chapters/sections that correlate with each other by skimming or reading both. watch videos of both and see which concepts, definitions etc are emphasized in each. Then focus on grasping those concepts in an intuitive manner etc.

The best benefit is how each company words their questions and make sure I am picking out the key items in the questions to ensure I am thinking about the answer the right way. If I am struggling with a specific concept, I use your question bank to narrow in on a specific subsection and take the quizzes until I understand it at an intuitive level. I would go back to STC to get a fresh set of questions that are worded competently differently to ensure I am truly understanding the concept.

STC also has an instructor hotline from 9 am to 6 pm EST. Which can be very helpful.

For example, in one of your section quizzes, there were a ton of questions about DMM, MM, Auction and Negotiated market, and I was having trouble understanding how DMM and MM were different and how they were associated with the Auction and Negotiated markets. So I called the hotline and asked them and they explained that the exam will really not cover DMM because they are not used as much and she then informed me about how I should be thinking about these concepts and the likely question I would get.

Both you and STC update their material constantly so I trust their material is covered appropriately material and not getting lost in the weeds.

Plus I love your company in the very simple, yet practical way you educate. It is easy to understand. But as you know, sometimes you just need to hear someone else say something and than all of a sudden, everything just clicks.

It happened on my SIE

Was that helpful? Happy to explain more.

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I appreciate your thoughtful reply - we’re always interested in learning more about how people are studying for these exams and this definitely sheds some light on how you personally prefer to study.

And I know you’ve reached out about questions before, but just wanted to emphasize - we’re also here to support you! You can click the mail icon :email: in the top right of any quiz question and it’ll open up a support ticket that shows our team the exact question and randomized variant that you’re seeing, so we can ensure you get a prompt and accurate explanation.

Thank you!

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Of Course! I have done that a couple times. It was helpful!

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