Semantic Clusters Tips

Does anyone have any useful tips on more effectively studying the semantic clusters? As if I come back to say, semantic clusters 3,4,5 a week after studying them, I end up not remembering the meaning of say half of the words.

Does anyone have any study tips or tricks or strategies to approach semantic clusters? Thanks

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Hey Krishna, the best thing you can do is just keep coming back and reviewing them! The way our system works, the quizzes will return to your review queue at intervals personalized to you based on your performance. Making some mistakes is part of the learning process and is completely expected. If you have the time, it’s best to try to keep your ready reviews as close to zero as possible - basically, every time you come back just hit that “Review (XX ready)” button on your dashboard and do as many as you can.

If there are some words that are tricky for you for some reason despite seeing them multiple times, a good approach is to associate a silly picture with them. It’s best if you make them up yourself with whatever comes naturally, but as an example, let’s say I can’t remember that the word artifice falls under deception. Maybe I would imagine an artist deceiving someone into buying an overpriced painting. Maybe the artist is actually a bear. And maybe the expensive painting is of a duck with human legs. The sillier the better, as it will make it more memorable.