Saving Quizzes to Review Explanations

From Dashboard, I clicked on Review and created a quiz with 25 questions from chapters 1 to 8. I want to go back and review the questions on explanations but don’t see where it is saved. I see my practice exams were saved but not my quizzes. Is that a thing? Do I have to save/share each quiz after I take it?

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Hi @Marisa, thanks for reaching out.

We save practice exams because their purpose is to help you benchmark your knowledge and give you an estimated exam score.

On the other hand, review quizzes are meant to help you learn. It’s much more effective to review the question right after you’ve answered it and ensure you have the concepts correct rather than letting any incorrect information solidify in your mind.

We’re thinking about ways to make this experience more flexible and might change the way the quizzing app works in the future, but we strongly suggest that you review any incorrect or guessed questions immediately.

@Justin Thanks, will do!

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Hey Marisa! I found this challenging, and my suggestion might not work for you based on your device capabilities.

I have been taking screenshots of questions that I had trouble with to go back and see later and I put them all on a document with a screenshot of the explanation right below it. I’ll also go back to the chapter that explains the topic and put pictures of that with the questions. Sort of like my own digital Notebook! I sometimes take screenshots of every question, but I understand this can be time consuming. Good Luck!

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One more thing to add: if you click on the quiz ID code in the top right of the screen, it will copy a shareable URL to your clipboard. You can save this in your notes for review later, or even send it to a tutor, colleague, or friend that you’re studying with!