S7TO To Continue or not to

Hi there, I am ashamed and sad to say that I did not pass my S7TO exam for the 2nd attempt. I used STC material for my 1st attempt and Achievable for my 2nd attempt. I received a 70% my 1st attempt and a 71% on my 2nd attempt. I really felt I knew the material better my 2nd attempt because the Achievable material is so amazing! I was getting 80%s on practice exams prior to my 2nd attempt. I am looking for some encourage or suggestions on IF I should attempt a 3rd time and IF I should do anything different. Compared to my 1st attempt I really don’t feel like there would be anything different I would do as I feel I tried everything and spent a LOT of time studying and reviewing material. Options are my strong suit too and I know that’s where most people struggle. Any ideas, suggestions or encouragement would greatly be appreciated! Thanks!

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Hi @Teemoto3. I’m so sorry the exam didn’t go your way. You were SO close!

Have you identified any specific challenges related to this most recent exam? Sounds like you felt confident about options. How about the other heavily tested areas of the exam?

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That’s the thing, I don’t recall what were those areas, it’s like I had a memory erase after the 2nd attempt because i was so upset and frustrated. Then during my studies no other topics were jumping out at me as I was not comprehending.

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Hi @Teemoto3, I’m really sorry to hear that.

I took a look at your study history and a couple of things stood out.

  1. You’ve been going through the practice exams very quickly, often in half the time. It might help to slow down a bit. You could use this extra time to double-check your reasoning and think about why the test writer asked the question in a certain way. Often this can help you eliminate choices or lead to a better educated guess.

  2. There are quite a few questions that you answered incorrectly multiple times across exams. Making mistakes is part of the learning process, but it’s critical to ensure you spend time reviewing anything that you missed or guessed to ensure you get those correct on the next take. And every missed question has at least two things to review: a) why you didn’t pick the correct answer, and b) why you picked that incorrect choice.

I hope this advice helps. As Brandon said - you’re so close, and it feels like you should see it through!

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Thank you so much for this info, @Justin! I really appreciate you taking the time to look into my own studies. One follow-up question, as I start studying for the 3rd attempt, as I grasp the courage, do you believe I should review past exams i have taken or do I start fresh?

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Good question - you should always do a quality review of final exams right after you finish them. If you didn’t before, that’s likely a contributing factor into the exam result. Take notes and cross-reference the reading material after the review if necessary. That’s the best way to make considerable improvements in knowledge and score!