S66 Test on July 1 Monday 93% readiness

Hi, I am scheduled to take my 2nd attempt at the S66 in 2 days!!

my test readiness score is 93% …and previously it was at 86% when I took it previously and I made a 71…really hoping to pass this Monday.

any tips or suggestions to review over the weekend and this evening

I do plan on taking a final tomorrow and review on Sunday …possibly a final


I reviewed your account, and it looks like you’re doing well!

Since you’re on track, I don’t have much specific advice. I recommend spending your remaining time reviewing your most recent practice exam, and taking the Focus quizzes for your previous exams.

Make sure to sleep well the night before your exam and get everything ready in advance, so you can get to the test calm, focused, and relaxed. It makes a significant impact!

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Hi Justin I just took the S66 today for three 2nd time and failed again ….made a 70 my scores actually went down one point

My scores first time around 71/100
Economic factor & Buss Info 5/8
Investment vehicles characteristics 12/17
Client Inv Recs and Strategies 21/30
Law, Regs, & Guidelines 33/45

Second time 70/100

Economic Factors & Buss Info 3/8
Inv Vehicle Characteristics 12/17
Client Inv Recs and Strategies 23/30
Laws,Regulations, &Guidlines 32/45

My firm will only give me one more chance to pass

Do you think I should reset the program and go over everything again

Or any advice ……

I did find this time around the questions and wording was super confusing….i feel like the first time around the test was way easier not as confusing….

I’m super bummed about not passing .

Any advice at all I will take

For context I also used a few series 7 guru and cap advantage series 7 Whisperer videos


Hi @Faith_Beahan, I’m so sorry to hear that. I think the best thing to do at this point is to conduct a retrospective and take a moment to reflect on your exam experience. You mentioned the wording was confusing this time - could you elaborate? Did you end up running out of time because the questions took too long to read? Did you feel like the concepts were presented in unfamiliar terms? Or were the questions filled with wording tricks like ‘except’? It feels like you know the material well at this point, so identifying the root cause of the challenges with the wording will be essential.

I understand that passing on your next attempt is critical, and I do think that resetting your course to study again from the beginning is a good idea. As you’re going through the content, take the mindset of learning it for the first time as a beginner - this will help ensure you get the most and pick up any missed nuance, as compared to skimming through it.

Please feel free to call us at 415-831-7733 and we can discuss your experience and next steps in more detail.

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