S66 Test Concern

I’m scheduled to take the S66 on April 30. I’m all through the material and have taken the final practice Exams A and B, as well as two randomized full practice tests and have done well on them (82, 89, 96, 92). However, I have read on this community board and on other message boards that the actual questions on the S66 might be more vague/confusing that even those on the SIE and S7 (which I have taken and passed).

So, I am concerned that these Achievable questions/practice exams are a bit too easy, especially questions where the wrong answers are extremely obvious and easy to eliminate. I feel like I am understanding the various concepts of the material but am a bit worried that some of the nuance is not being tested on these practice exams. I do plan on taking several more, just to get exposed to more of the library of questions, but I was hoping to see if others have a similar or different experience that have taken the actual S66 using Achievable.

I do feel that I was fairly well prepared going into the SIE and S7, after using Achievable, but after reading many comments about the S66 that the wording of those questions are even more complex that those other tests, I don’t want to feel over-confident and be surprised come test-day.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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Hi, good questions! Our Series 66 course is the same high quality as our others.

Achievable has a 95%+ first-time pass rate for all our courses, including our Series 66 course. We wish that everyone passed on their first try, but while almost everyone does, it’s hard to reach 100% pass. Naturally, the people who don’t pass are more vocal than the ones who do.

The wording on the exams is confusing - this is a given. We keep an extremely close eye on customer feedback and make hundreds of monthly updates to ensure our questions are as close to the actual ones as possible. There is a large natural amount of randomness since you only see 100 questions from a pool of thousands, so the best thing you can do is to go through the entire course and take many practice exams.

When you’re taking practice exams, focus on the concepts! The goal is not to get a high score; don’t jump straight to answers without thinking. Mock exams aim to identify weaker areas so you can study and master these concepts. Spend several hours reviewing your practice exams - this is significantly more important than taking the mock exam itself!

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Thanks. That’s what i was planning to do - focus more on the concepts vs just taking tests. I do want to expose myself to more and more questions, as well.

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