S66 Passed - 1st Attempt

I started with STC (company approved study prep company, my firm paid for the course) and passed the SIE with it on my first attempt. It was painful though and probably took way longer to get through the material and to the test than it should have. I found the material extremely dull/dry and just not engaging.

I switched to Achievable for the S7 and S66 and paid for it out of pocket with the hopes of finding something that made the process of getting registered feel less like a chore. I’m much more productive when I have data to keep me motivated so I appreciate the progress charts and the different colors showing your knowledge level of certain topics. The video/recordings with deeper dives on some topics were much more engaging than STC as well. I passed both the S7 and S66 on first attempts. A lot of the S66 Rules/Regulations and separation between the State and Federal requirements didn’t click for me until I reached the end of the reading material and started doing as many review questions as I could. I also found it helpful to handwrite flashcards (I tend to remember things better if I put pen to paper). My only grip is that I wish that the questions that show up frequently on repeat would have more than one variation of the wording and had different multiple choice options to pick from to prevent the ease of memorizing.

I plan to use Achievable for the S9 after I take some time off to enjoy the summer.

Overall a happy customer, thanks Achievable!

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Congratulations on passing your S66!

I’m glad you enjoyed the course, and I appreciate you taking the time to write in with your feedback. We continually improve our course and platform - please let us know if there’s anything else you feel would help your study experience!