S66 2nd Failed Attempt


Are you able to review my profile and make any recommendations for me? I’ve taken a lot of practice exams and felt I got really comfortable with the material however I failed again today. Like others I echo the same sentiment about the wording obviously but no excuses just want to know how I can improve. I only score 8 points higher than my first attempt and that was pretty shocking to me.

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Hi, I appreciate your reaching out with this feedback!

These exams are challenging since you’re only asked ~125 questions from a pool of thousands, so there’s a lot of natural randomness. I’ve reviewed your account, and it’s great that you’re passing the practice exams, but since you’ve taken so many, I suspect you might be getting accustomed to our wording and unconsciously figuring out the right answer without focusing as much on the content. It looks like you’ve skipped most of the reading material - I’d strongly recommend you go through the entire course to give yourself a deeper understanding of the content.

We make hundreds of updates to our questions every month to stay as close to the actual exam as possible, and we’ll double-check to make sure we cover the brochure thoroughly. Please let us know if you feel there are any other opportunities to improve our material!