S66 1st Attempt Fail

Unfortunately, I did not pass the Series 66 on my first attempt last Friday, scoring 68%. While awaiting my results, I was uncertain about my passing status. Below are my section analysis results:

  • Economic Factors and Business Information: 7 out of 8 correct
  • Investment Vehicle Characteristics: 12 out of 17 correct
  • Client Investment Recommendations and Strategies: 19 out of 30 correct
  • Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines: 30 out of 45 correct

I plan to retake the exam in 30 days and believe it would be wise to re-read the Recommendations & Strategies and Laws & Regulations sections. Do you agree with this approach? Additionally, would you suggest adding three practice tests per week to ensure I retain the other information?


Hey @Lucy_Hirthe I am sorry to hear that you did not pass the Series 66 - you are so close! I have reviewed your account and have a couple of suggestions. I would recommend taking more practice exams and making sure to do the focus sessions to decide better what to review. I would also suggest taking more time to review your past exams and being intentional with that time. Your suggestion of re-reading the weaker sections is a good idea! In regards to adding three practice tests per week, I would instead suggest two per week and spreading them out. Along with those, make sure you are really focusing on reviewing them as well. Some of our corporate clients have their reps take 10 practice exams before the real one, so taking more practice exams is beneficial. You are really close, and I think with these suggestions you will pass! Revisit the textbook as needed, but focus on taking more practice exams, the focus sections, and reviewing. Keep working hard and you will succeed! Thank you.


Thanks Brenden. Really appreciate the thorough feedback! Will be sure to implement this into my next steps.


No problem @Lucy_Hirthe. You got this!

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