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Hi…can you clarify why it’s not the answer choice “All of these” for the below practice exam question? Am I overlooking a certain wording or something, because the explanation of the answer seems to be all of the answer choices as well.

Here’s the link:


Hi @LASHY1980,

You’re 100% right - there’s a missing part in one of the answers. We’ve fixed the question in case you see it again on another exam or review. To be clear, these protocols must be followed if a representative performs a private securities transaction:

  1. Representative must notify the firm in writing
  2. Firm must obtain and maintain the details of the transaction on their books
  3. The representative must receive written approval if being paid for the transaction

Thanks for pointing this out to us! Good luck with your studies!

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Thank you! I thought i was studying too hard and overlooked a specific work or something…lol. That happens sometimes…especially with the word “except” in a question. :smile:

I’m scheduled for my exam on Monday and been scoring at least a 90 to 95 on your practice exams…which makes me feel confident. But then i took a practice Kaplan exam and scored 69.4 and their questions were so difficult and made me felt worried that I may not do well.
I’m praying that your Achievable is more closely aligned with the SIE than the Kaplans exams.


It’s very common for that to occur. In fact, we hear the exact opposite from those who primarily use Kaplan (or other vendors), then go on to use Achievable. For example, a former student of mine was consistently scoring in the 80s on Kaplan, then took an Achievable practice final and scored a 62. They said the same thing as you, but backwards - “Achievable questions are so difficult!” - but, they still went on to pass the exam, and I expect the same for you given your Achievable scores.

Kaplan questions sound different than Achievable questions because they’re written by different people. I suspect you’ll feel the exam’s wording will feel slightly different than both Achievable and Kaplan. FINRA closely guards their test bank, which makes it difficult for any vendor’s questions to sound exactly like the exam. Regardless, you’ve seen what different wording feels like now, and it shouldn’t be as much of a shock tomorrow when you sit for the exam.

The best way to gain a perspective into the wording of the exam is to take FINRA’s Practice SIE Exam. While the actual test will be different, these questions are written by FINRA (direct from the source). If you haven’t already, you should take it. We’ve heard some test takers see one or two questions on their test come directly from this practice exam.

Be confident given your Achievable scores. We’ve had plenty of other customers score much lower than you, never see another test prep’s questions, and still pass the SIE. Take the FINRA practice exam (if you haven’t already), take and review a bunch of Achievable exam questions, and get a good night of sleep tonight. Best of luck to you tomorrow!

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Hi Brandon…the FINRA SIE exam also included a question about “churning” and “free-riding.” I know that having just studied and reading over the SIE Achievables…several times…those 2 terms were not discussed in your material. It might be helpful to add it in there…just a thought. :slight_smile:

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@LASHY1980 Thanks! We do have a section relating to free-riding, but didn’t have the actual word “free-ride” in there (it’s in there now). We’ll add a section about churning as well. Thanks for the suggestion!