Ridiculous amount of information to study?

Is it just me or does FINRA ask you to take in an obscene amount of topics & info to study for the test? I’m 14 days out & while I know I can pass the question lingers, will I retain enough?

I purchased an SIE Prep book too, it’s chock full of information I don’t have time to read between Kaplan & Achievable, let alone go through with a fine-tooth comb.

Phew. Need a stress reliever toy.

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The SIE definitely is “a mile wide and an inch deep!”

As you’ve noticed, one big differentiator between us and other programs is that we focus on what you need to know for the exam. There is an absolute ton of trivia that could possibly be tested, with a huge portion of it being super low value and extremely unlikely to show up on an exam. We touch on these topics very briefly so you’re aware of them, but we’re aiming to cover 99% of the material in a reasonable amount of time, get you to pass, and continue with your career. Burning a ton of time to memorize that final 1% just doesn’t have much practical value.

Fortunately for all of us, FINRA is one of the good guys. Some certification organizations like to create a sense of scarcity and prestige by artificially keeping pass rates low with trick questions, trivia, and the like. FINRA just wants to ensure that you know your stuff and can do a good job as a financial representative.


After taking a couple practice exams, I think it’s a mile wide and at least a few inches deep lol. I have my work cut out for me this week. Phew…

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