Review Wrong Answers

Hello Achievable Community!
I’m wondering if I am overlooking where I can review all of my chapter quizzes. I’ve also taken a few memory reviews and would like to review the questions I got wrong, but once I complete them I can’t go back.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Keturah, the system automatically tracks how you’re doing and will reschedule the content for review based on your performance, so there’s no need to keep track of it yourself! The idea is that you immediately review the question after you answer it, reinforcing the correct information, and then clearing it from your mind so that you can focus on the next. The system will show it to you again at the most effective time to help you remember it.

We suggest you let the learning engine pick the quizzes for you, but if you want a higher level of control, you can personalize your quizzes by clicking on the sliders icon in the top right after starting a review session from your dashboard.

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Understood. The smart system is one of the top features I love about the program. However, I thought I’d asked once I accidentally clicked next before I got to read the explanation and couldn’t go back.

Thanks for the reply. I’m looking forward to learning more as I go through the material.

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