Review Scoring and some ideas

I wanted to pick some brains about the reviews!

First, mine have been piling up… I’m trying to just get through as much of the material as possible since my test is right the corner before spending time reviewing the over 600 and counting (!!!) questions that currently await me. Any suggestions on how to use reviews to my advantage without it piling up like crazy? I know I should do a little bit each day, but it feels way beyond that at this point :sweat_smile:

Also, sometimes I will begin a review with 100 questions, but tap out before getting through all of them. Unfortunately, the scoring counts the questions I didn’t answer as wrong. Is there a way to accurately grade the questions I did without counting the unanswered ones against me?

One more suggestion! It would be nice to have a review right after you complete a section. After I complete a chapter, when I go to review, it takes me back to questions from chapters ago. I understand the method and am grateful that it jogs my memory, but I also wish there was a way to review what I just learned. Thanks! Y’all have been so helpful!

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Hey @Loose_orange_buzzard,

The reviews do pile up quickly! The best way to keep the workload manageable is actually to do as many as you can, as soon as you can. It seems counterintuitive but it will have the result of reducing your overall study time in the long run.

However, if your test is right around the corner, my advice is to actually stop doing the reviews altogether and focus on full-length practice exams instead. The reviews are meant to help you learn and retain the core information, whereas the practice exams are better for preparing you for the actual exam experience. If you find yourself weaker in a particular topic, you can filter your review session to just that topic by clicking on the control sliders icon in the top right of the session overview screen.

We definitely encourage people to review right after completing a session. Normally this is straightforward, but since you have a lot of reviews stacked up, the system wants you to complete those first. It is really important that you don’t forget material you’ve already learned, which is why the system acts this way. We intend to make this flow easier in the future and have a ticket for this, but it’s a little complicated and will take us some time to build it. In the meantime, you can accomplish the same thing with a bit more effort by filtering the review session to that specific topic.

Thanks also for the feedback on not counting unanswered questions as incorrect during review sessions. This is on our list!