Review Quizzes Multiplying

Since the button at the bottom of each section was changed from offering the option to add questions to take quiz now or move onto next section, my review bank has exploded. Last time I logged in, I believe I ended up leaving 50 review questions in the bank. I logged into today and there are 324! And I didn’t read enough to bank that many unanswered questions! It’s difficult to move onto to new reading knowing there are a ridiculous amount of questions piling up. It seems even though I answer the questions right after reading, more are piling up. How can I fix this issue? I had a good pattern going of reading and quizzing until the method was changed. I can’t even gauge my progess anymore. Thanks for your prompt response/solution.

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Hi @Alyce,

Yes, we’ve been making a lot of updates to the UX lately based on user feedback; sorry if it’s been confusing. The “Take quiz” button does actually have the same logic as the old “Complete” button, just with the difference that it makes you take the review quiz immediately.

The quizzes are piling up simply because that is the nature of spaced rehearsal. They build until they hit an equilibrium, and then it starts to level out. It definitely can get overwhelming, and the best way to deal with it is just to ensure you stay on the schedule of the reading material. Prioritize reading the new chapters and taking those quizzes, and then with your remaining study time, try to knock out as many of the older review quizzes as you can.

One thing that may help in your specific situation is to recreate your study plan. If you go through the flow to change your target exam date and select the same date, it will essentially reallocate all your remaining tasks. It’ll wipe your overdue ones out and the workload will be much more evenly distributed going forward.

Please give it a try and let me know if this is helpful!