Review questions/memory progres?

Has anyone else experienced there review questions not going away even after you completed your questions? There have been times where it will show I have 25/30 and after completeing them it seems like I only did 3/4? and will have like another 25 left? Is it a glitch ? I will double check my workload calendar to make sure and it will show nothing new is being added?
Some help would be appreciated ! thanks !

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Hi @Erika, I’ve looked into this, but I haven’t seen anything unusual. Review questions are continually dripped into your account, so it’s possible that you just finished up right as new content was added so the net change in questions wasn’t the same as expected.

If you find this happening again or if there’s any additional detail you can provide please let me know and I’ll look into it further!

Hi thank you for reaching out ! that makes sense !

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